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River Island Water Treatment Plant Project

Construction Begins on the River Island Treatment Plant November 2021

Construction of the River Island Water Treatment Plant has begun! The project is estimated to take about one year, with anticipated completion in December 2022. The pictures below show construction equipment placed at the site. 

Construction equipment placed at the site of the future River Island District water treatment plant

Additional construction equipment at the treatment plant site

Public Meeting Held February 2018

A public meeting was held on February 27, 2018 at 6:30 pm for all interested parties at the River Island Golf Course Clubhouse, located at 31989 River Island Drive in Springville, CA. Approximately 50 customers attended, representing 35 households. DOWC personnel and contracted engineers presented information about the project and discussed customers' questions and concerns. DOWC has worked with its engineers to summarize and answer all questions presented at the meeting. That document is posted below. 

Click HERE to view the Power Point presentation. 

Click HERE to view the narrative of the meeting. 

Click HERE to view the questions and answers from the meeting. 

Treatment Plant Project Public Meeting February 2018

River Island District Territory 1 potable water customers were mailed a notice on February 9, 2018 indicating that Del Oro Water Company (DOWC) has requested authority from the California Public Utilities Commission to borrow funds to proceed with construction of the required treatment plant. The notice indicates that a public meeting will be held on February 27, 2018 at 6:30 pm for all interested parties at the River Island Golf Course Clubhouse, located at 31989 River Island Drive in Springville, CA. DOWC personnel and contracted engineers will be presenting information about the project and discussing customers' questions and concerns.

Click HERE to view the notice. 

Treatment Plant Project Update November 2017

Presently, Del Oro Water Company (DOWC) owns, operates, and maintains 14 groundwater wells throughout its River Island Territory #1 Service Area. In the past several years, the River Island system has not consistently met required source capacity during periods of high demand.  Additionally, increasing levels of uranium and nitrate have been observed in the water supply wells throughout the Service Area to levels above acceptable by the State Water Board Division of Drinking Water (DDW).

In an effort to comply with violations noted by the then California Department of Public Health (now DDW) in Citation No. 03-11-09C-003 and Compliance Order No. 03-12-080-030, Del Oro Water Company is proceeding with construction of a new surface water treatment plant (WTP) to treat water from the Pleasant Valley Canal (PVC) and convey treated water to the District’s Territory #1 Service Area. DOWC has purchased surface water rights equivalent to approximately 756 gallons per minute (gpm) from the Pleasant Valley Canal (PVC). With the two treatment trains included in the design, DOWC will be able to serve up to approximately 525 connections at current usage rates. 

The new surface water supply will be the primary water source to meet the current maximum day and peak hour water demand deficit for the DOWC Territory #1 Service Area. The treated water supply from the completed WTP will ease and eventually replace the water supply needed from the contaminated groundwater wells in Territory #1, resulting in greater distribution efficiency and a reliable source of water for customers.

Construction will take place on DOWC property, and within several documented and verified easements. The project will consist of the following elements:

  • Installation of a concrete diversion box, weir structure and screen intake on PVC to divert up to 760 gpm of raw water.
  • Installation of approximately 1,200 linear feet (LF) of 8-inch ductile iron raw water mainline from the canal to the WTP.
  • Installation of two 350 gpm skid-mounted treatment modules to treat water from the PVC. 
  • Installation of all components required for operation of the two treatment modules.
  • Installation of approximately 250 LF of 12-inch C-900 PVC water main to convey treated water from the WTP booster pumps to two storage tanks.
  • Installation of two storage tanks with a capacity of 500,000 gallons each.
  • Installation of a 75 by 50-foot prefabricated metal building with separate office space, chemical room and electrical room. 
  • Construction of a 50 by 50-foot maintenance building to store equipment needed for repairs and maintenance.
  • Installation of all components required for reuse of backwash waste water left over from treatment plant operations, including a 100,000 gallon above-ground bolted steel storage tank.
  • Installation of approximately 850 LF of 12-inch C-900 PVC water main from the WTP to the existing Territory #1 system. 
  • Installation of a SCADA system required to coordinate plant operation with the various system storage facilities.
  • Installation of two 50 LF 24-inch diameter aluminum alloy culvert pipes across an ephemeral channel to convey irrigation flow and prevent erosion. In addition, the site will be sloped to bring the access road from Highway 190 to grade at this location.
  • Placement and compaction of an all-weather access roadway to the WTP site from the highway.
  • Installation of a standby generator to provide backup power to the WTP.
  • Construction of a chain link fence around the property boundaries.

New Treatment Plant Project

(Please see above for most current information regarding the treatment plant project.)

Due to the reliance on multiple wells and the associated challenges, and in accordance with CA Dept of Public Health directives, DOWC has secured rights to water from the Pleasant Valley Canal. In order to use this water, a new treatment plant must be constructed.

DOWC is in the final stages of securing state approval of the engineer plans. Once the plans are approved, a CPUC hearing will be held in the River Island area to discuss the project with consumers and other interested parties. After that, the project will be put out to bid. Currently, we estimate that construction will occur in 2018.

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