Del Oro's offices will be closed on Monday, May, 29, 2023 in observance of Memorial Day.


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California Pines District

Photo of production meter and valves at California Pines District well

To contact a Customer Service Representative,
California Pines District customers please dial 530-717-2511

Outage Affecting Entire District - March 10, 2023

Tests results received today, 4/6/2023, show the water is safe to drink. Please see below:


Due to the flooding in the area which could contaminate the water, Del Oro is issuing a DO NOT DRINK notice for the district.

 California Pines DO NOT DRINK Order - 3/10/2023 CANCELED

You will be reimbursed for purchases of bottled drinking water during the current emergency (through 4/2/2023).  Please submit your dated receipts to Del Oro.  No other reimbursements apply.  Other reimbursements may be covered by your homeowners insurance policy. 

Please CLICK HERE for daily updates about the situation in California Pines.

April 4, 2023 - We will be sampling tomorrow, 4/4/2023, and we expect to issue a cancelation of the Do Not Drink Order by Friday, 4/7/2023, assuming the results are favorable. Please check back for updates.

April 1, 2023 - Service has been restored to all customers in the California Pines District, except for three homes along Capinero Creek. As a reminder, the DO NOT DRINK order is still in effect until the State allows us to lift it.  

March 27, 2023 -  Some customers in the Pine Flat service area may be receiving water. Water must be turned off again due to another leak found. REMINDER, this water is under a DO NOT DRINK order due to multiple breaks in the system

March 19, 2023 -  Some customers in the Pine Mountain service area may be receiving water. REMINDER, this water is under a DO NOT DRINK order due to multiple breaks in the system.

March 15, 2023 - Del Oro personnel will continue to provide water at the market.  

March 12, 2023 - Del Oro personnel will have limited quantities of water available at the market today. They will be there to assess damage to our system as well.

March 11, 2023 message from Tulare County Emergency Alerts:

"Tulare County Fire has procured a limited supply of food, water, and medical supplies available at Fire Station 6. Address is 45122 Manter Meadow Drive, California Hot Springs, 93207. Please check in with personnel on duty. Please remember supplies are limited."

March 10, 2023 - Customers are reporting an outage affecting all of California Pines District.  Personnel are unable to investigate and correct the problem as the road is closed due to washout. The outage is believed to be caused by a mainline break.

As we cannot yet assess the extent of the damage, nor how long it will take to gain access; we are unable to estimate restoration of service. Please continue to check this page for updates.

Backup Well in Operation - End Date to be Announced

The new Variable Frequency Drive (VFD) which controls the pump motor did not restore service at the main well when installed Friday, January 6, 2023. Del Oro is now having a new pump installed, but the pump company cannot currently access the site due to the soft ground following the storms. We are having the ground prepared so they will be able to pull and replace the pump. The standby well will be in use until this is accomplished. Del Oro will update customers when we have a firm date for the transition back to the main well. 

Please click here for an important notice mailed December 27, 2022 regarding Manganese in the backup well.

Please click here for answers to common questions Del Oro has received during this situation. This information will be mailed to all customers with the January 18, 2023 bills.

Please click here for Del Oro's responses to a questionnaire submitted by a customer.


If you have purchased bottled water for your home in California Pines during this time (December 3, 2022 through April 2, 2023): Please submit receipts for reimbursement to Del Oro by mail, email, or fax. Please include your account number or address on submissions.

Del Oro Water Company, Drawer 5172, Chico, CA 95927. Email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. Fax (530) 717-2639.

California Pines District serves the unincorporated community known as Pine Flat, located approximately two miles southeast of California Hot Springs, the area known as Pine Mountain (Tracts Number 416 and 455 in Rainbow Ranch and Tracts Number 438 and 455, located approximately one mile east of Pine Flat), and vicinity, in Tulare County, California.

 2023 Meter Reading Schedule    




June 16, 2021: Customers are asked to voluntarily conserve water due to this year's extremely dry conditions. Please read the NOTICE that was mailed with the June 16, 2021 bills.

The complete list of restrictions can also be found in Rule 14.1. Alternate watering days and water prohibitions are in effect for ALL Districts.

Photo of the California Pines water tank showing where the operating range and current water level
Concerned about the tank level? In the photos above, the operating range is marked in white, while the current level is marked in red. A diagram on how to read the tank level has also been posted at Seven Oaks Market and the fire station.


Service Charges
The Service Charge is a Readiness to Serve Charge which is applicable to all metered water service and to which is added the charge for water used, computed at the Quantity Rate below.

New Service Advance Deposit $ 202.74
Meter Size Monthly Charge
5/8 by 3/4 inch (most homes have these) $   67.58
3/4 inch $   92.05
1 inch $  140.99
1 1/2 inch $  263.35
2 inch $  410.18
3 inch $  752.79
4 inch $1,242.21
6 inch $2,465.79
Quantity Rate  
For all water used, per 100 cubic feet $ 10.157
Late Fee  
For monthly bills not paid by the due date $ 10.00

California Public Utilities Commission (CPUC) Reimbursement Surcharge
A 0.8% surcharge is required to be added to all customers' bills, which is calculated on all amounts due and is forwarded to the Commission throughout the year.

Other Services and Fees
Please see the back of your bill for additional information about other services and fees.

Special Conditions - California Pines Annual General Metered Service
  1. The annual service charge applies to service during the 12 month period commencing January 1 and is due in advance. If a permanent resident of the area has been a customer of the utility for at least 12 months, the resident may elect, at the beginning of the calendar year, to pay prorated service charges in advance at intervals of less than one year in accordance with the utility's established billing periods.
  2. The established billing cycle for water used is monthly.
  3. The opening bill for meter service, except upon conversion from flat rate service, shall be established after the first day of any year, the portion of such annual charge applicable to the current year shall be determined by multiplying the annual charge by one three-hundred-sixty-fifth (1/365) of the number of days remaining in the calendar year. The balance of the payment of the initial annual charge shall be credited against the charges for the succeeding annual period. If service is not continued for at least one year after the date of initial service, no refund of the initial annual charges shall be due the customers.
  4. In the event that a customer terminates service under this schedule and reinstates service at the same location within 12 months, there will be a reconnection charge equal to the minimum charges which would have been billed had the customer not terminated service.
  5. All bills are subject to the California Public Utilities Commission (CPUC) Reimbursement Fee set forth in Schedule No. UF.
  6. A late charge will be imposed per Schedule No. LC.
  7. In accordance with Section 2714 of the Public Utilities Code, if a tenant in a rental unit leaves owing the company, service to subsequent tenants in that unit will, at the company's option, be furnished on the account of the landlord or property owner.
  8. The CPUC granted and approved on January 1, 2020, for the California Pines District an Interim Rate Increase, followed by Resolution No. W-5229 dated August 6, 2020, granting a General Rate Increase and eliminating the $10.54 Lost Revenue Surcharge. With approval of this Advice Letter No. 523, DOWCCP is granted reimbursement of the under-collected revenues in the amount of 33,687.70 as a one-time surcharge over approximately forty-eight (48) billing cycles at $2.44 per customer per month, or until the net shortfall is reimbursed. If over-collection of funds occurs, a credit will be issued to the customers. 


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